To achieve this vision, Aminol has created a culture focused on quality, reliability, and cost efficiency. After all, Aminol wants to be more than just a supplier. Aminol wants to be your partner.

The Aminol team take pride in delivering excellent products at the same time working safe, family-like environment. We are environmentally conscious and use a number of international standards as benchmarks in our organisation. The management ensures commitment to our work and our principles through natural leadership and participation at all levels. In this way, Aminol achieves improvement and rewards those who display excellence in their field. Throughout all activities, Aminol maintains contingency plans to minimise the consequences of reasonably foreseeable incidents and ensure a fast and effective response. Our systems are developed in a way to protect our employees, and ensure that they can learn, thrive, and feel empowered to take initiative.

Some of our commitments to the company:

  1. To demonstrate commitment and participate in all levels of the business.
  2. To improve contingency zones throughout the plant and prevent, or mitigate the extent of, certain issues before they arise.
  3. To train, educate, and empower all employees based on their merits.
  4. To comply with responsible business practices and audit the company to ensure best practices are followed and adopted.
  5. To serve customers in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.
  6. To grow a company culture based on health and safety, quality and family.

Aminol, your trusted lubricants partner.