API's certification mark and service symbol helps customers identiy quality motor oils for gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Oils displaying these marks meet performance requirements set bu U.S. and international cehicle and engine manufacturers and the lubrciant industry. Hundreds of companies wordlwide participate in this voluntary program, which is backed by a marketplace sampling and testing program. In addition to be fundamentally approved and certified by a number of international agencies, Aminol is the first company in Azerbaijan to receive an API certificate for its engine oils. The company is proud of this achievement and encourages customers to base their purchases on recommendations by the API.

Aminol API

The API certification mark is also known as the "starburst".
An oil displaying this mark meets the current engine protection standard and fel economy requiremenets of the International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC), a joint effort of U.S. and Japanese automobile manufacturers. Automobile manufacturers recommend oils that carry the API Certification Mark. See the ILSAC STANDARD FOR PASSENGER CAR ENGINE OILS chart below for descriptions of current and obsolete ILSAC standards.