Aminol uses its certifications and approvals not only as milestones, but also as benchmarks in day-to-day operations. Certain considerations in partnerships transcend any form of formal documentation. Our team aims for integrity in partnerships, through treating all our clients with respect and delivering on promises made. Aminol is steadily moving towards achieving its mission through partnering with esteemed public and private organisations, both on a local and interantional level. Through strong relationships and successful projects, we have built a certain level of trust in the company, in which our team takes great pride.

Aminol aims to partner with more OEMs. Current capabilities allow us to manufacture lubricants and service fluids that can be held on par with international giants. Research and development projects, available to professional users on demand, show that products developed by our engineers do not lack performance parameters when tested against widely accepted brands. Aminol R&D shows the parameters our product is lacking, and consequently helps us develop a more adequate strategy in all aspects of the business to produce an excellent product. Aminol does not aim to be on par, we constantly improve our products based on developments in the industry in order to exceed expectation in all products manufactured.

Our team believes in this approach to manufacturing, supply, and laboratory testing for quality control and assurance. We believe that this is the reason why we have been chosen by our partners. Similarly, we apply the same principles when choosing our partners in order to grow the company throguh healthy, wholesome channels. Acting in a responsible and accountable way in all partnerships is the reason Aminol is successful. This principle stands above all, and all other principles in the business derive from it.