Aminol Laboratory will continue its studies by producing objective results. The continuity of trust in our results is of utmost importance to the company. We aim for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by modifying and tweaking our products, as well as an imporvement in adherence to international environmental adaptation and mitigation strategies. In so doing, we do not compromise our principles, and always aim for accurate, impartial results and a professional, scientifically repeatable approach to testing.

Knowledge is the crux of our mission at Aminol. By improving lubricant-specific scientific knowledge and awareness of customer requests we create new improved ways of meeting these demands within a given framework. Independence, impartiality and confidentiality are the basic principles of our laboratory, and these principles are engrained into our management structure and company rules.

Quality Policy:

  1. To attach the utmost importance to professional, scientifically repetable practices.
  2. To use the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, in accordance with the national / international test standards within the scope of service.
  3. To commit to working on the principle of competence, impartiality, independence, initiative and accuracy.
  4. To train all laboratory personnel to be familiar with all quality documentation and use policies and targets as a guide and benchmark.
  5. To protect civil rights.
  6. To develop targets for continuous improvement.

Construction of a brand new R&D and QC&A focused laboratory facility

To perfect the quality of our finished products and procured materials, Aminol is building a brand new laboratory facility. This facility will be equipped with equipment to carry out the most meticulous of tests on lubricants and certain petrochemicals. Laboratory personnel are delighted with the new facility design, and our teams believes that this facility will instill furhter trust in our results and help cement Aminol lubricants, service fluids, and greases on an international level.