COVID-19 - Aminol is your responsible partner during this outbreak


Research conducted as far as 2016 shows that the global healthcare system was not prepared for an outbreak of this magnitude. Massive budget cuts due to the financial meltdown and the following debt crisis, as well as the penetration of uncensored internet channels into every aspect of life, proved to be disasterous on a global scale. Despite the the Azerbaijani authorities' swift, effective actions to prevent coronavirus contamination, Aminol took part in the effort to mitigate the negative impact of this outbreak. First, the company made two consecutive donations to the Azerbaijani fund to fight the coronavirus outbreak, trusting in the government's strategy to eliminate the threat of the pandemic in Azerbaijan and beyond. Second, all employees were secured using the proper facial and hand covering equipment, all the while management and employees were tested for symptoms of the virus through short online quizzes completed on smartphones and regular visits to the facility nurse's office. Third, the company took inititiative to disinfect its area of operation to reduce the risk of any undesirable organisms living and spreading within the facility. You can trust in Aminol products, we do not touch the product due to automatisation, and we keep our facility clean and free of undesirable organisms.

ISO 17025-2015 - Aminol is environmentally conscious


Aminol aims to be a leader in its field in terms of managing its emissions. We understand that in order for future generations to enjoy the natural endowments which we enjoy in our lifetime we must apprach the question of emissions with attention. We manage our emissions first by using electrical equipment instead of burning fossil fuels. As a result, all technology such as heating apparatus for machinery and for offices, all forklifts and transportation technology, compressors and manufacturing equipment is powered by electricity. As the company grows we use this rule as a benchmark, and therefore reduce our yearly carbon emissions by over 110 grams per year. Despite the rocky and clay based soil of the facility, we have managed to plant grass and a number of pine trees which are flourishing. Most importantly, Aminol does not dispose of chemicals into soil, natural water systems or the sewage system. We have a number of small pools around the facility in which contaminated water treated. Once analyses show that the water stock is safe to dispose into the sewage system for further treatment we dispose of it into the proper channels to be treated and disposed of based on local regulation.